Tree Pricing

Pricing List for 2024 for all tree types

* Please add $1.25/tree royalty for all trademark varieties

(Suite Note, Sentennial, Starblush, Starlet, Salish, Nicola, Rosie Mac: Only $1/tree)

* Paul Friday is subject to a $0.60/tree reduced trademark fee

* All Gisela subject to $1.50USD/tree royalty

* For all Geneva bareroot apple orders, please add $2.50/tree)

* Please Add $0.90/tree in Royalty Due for all Krymsk

*We accept e-transfer, cash, or cheque. We accept credit cards for online purchases only.

*All pricing is for Spring 2024, and is subject to a 2.4% increase per year past 2024.

* We require a 35% deposit on all orders.  Deposits are non-refundable.