...A bit about how we grow our trees.

  • Tree Specifications

    • All nursery stock reach a height of 5-8 ft tall, and are at least 1/2" caliper.
    • All our trees are grown out 2 years .
    • All trees are bench grafted in the early spring.
    • All our trees are trained for straightness.
    • All our trees are pruned to remove any unnecessary growth while leaving plenty of growing points for the farmer.
    •  We use mildew and pest control to keep the trees clean.
  • Training and Pruning

    We train and prune our nursery stock to ensure straightness, as well as prune the tree to remove any unwanted growth while leaving plenty of growing points available for the orchardist to decide how they would like to begin pruning the tree.

  • We use a comprehensive fertilizing program.

    Using Advanced Organic Solutions 

    • Acadian Kelp Foliar Feed
    • Pacific Natural Fish Fertilizer
    • Chicken manure
  • All trees are bench grafted in the early spring prior to being planted in May.

    For two months in early spring, our team finds the cultivars we want to graft all over the Province, and using specialized tools, as well climate and humidity control, we prepare all of our grafts to plant.

  • With our handling and storage systems, we are able to ensure a high quality product from harvest to your orchard.

    • All of our trees are packed tightly in bins filled with moistened sawdust, labelled and ready for transport. 
    • All stock is kept at a continuous 2 degrees Celsius.
  • A ready-to-go transportation system from our nursery to your orchard or garden.

    • All of our stock is loaded tightly in palletized bins (standard pallet size 3.5ft x 4ft) that can be loaded directly from our cooler onto your truck or trailer. 
    • Access for large vehicles and semi's at loading.
    • All trees are headed back to comply with 9 feet height requirements of large covered trucks and semi's. 
    • Trees are loaded directly out of our cooler, and in moistened sawdust, so it can hold for a number of days between transport and plant.
  • All our trees are grown in compliance with Certified Organic standards.

    All our nursery stock is Certified Organic, NOOA grower #: 02-543. We have developed commercial standards that have been proven to grow an excellent tree, and are fully compliant with the Standards for Organic certification