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Apple "Aurora Golden Gala"

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Order fulfilment occurs after harvest between April 1st - April 30th

Aurora Golden Gala

Okanagan-born Picnic Apple

            [Acid-low; Sugar-high; Tannin-low]

Fresh, Culinary

Very Sweet, Aromatic, Tropical

Physical Attributes:
  • Shape: Medium sized, slightly conical.
  • Skin: Glossy, smooth light yellow with some red blushing in years of greater diurnal variation. Somewhat waxy, bruises easily
  • Flesh: Cream-coloured, coarse-grained, crisp, and juicy.

            Sweet, fresh flavour with hints of tropical fruits, plums and bananas with delightful spring flowers, honey, and jasmine aromas. The flavour is excellent for baking, and the texture also holds up well. Somewhat better for storage than Golden Delicious.

Neat History:

            Developed in conjunction with the Salish and Nicola in 1981, with official public release in 2003. The apple’s name was inspired by the Aurora Borealis.

Growing Attributes:
  • Precocity: Early
  • Vigour: Moderately vigorous, spreading
  • Disease Tolerance: Average
  • Zone Hardiness: 4 (Map Link)
  • Pollination Group: III (Chart) (Diploid, Self-Sterile)
  • Cropping: Regular, excessively heavy crop that requires thinning
  • Picking Season: Late September
  • Storage: 3-4 months
  • Special Care: Spur-bearing

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