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Apple "Cox Orange Pippin"

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Order fulfilment occurs after harvest between April 1st - April 30th

Cox's Orange Pippin

Aromatic Popular British Apple

            [Acid-medium; Sugar-medium; Tannin-Medium/low]

Fresh, Cider

Complex, Fruity, Multi-purpose


Physical Attributes:
  • Shape: Small-Medium round
  • Skin: Green with orange flush and red stripes, some russeting
  • Flesh: White, coarse-grained

            “English style of apple” with aromas of pears, melons, and fresh orange juice. Spiced honey, fruity flavour.

Neat History:

            Mixed parentage of Ribston Pippin x Margil x Blenheim Orange, identified between 1825-1830 by Richard Cox in Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire. It has since seen significant cultivation throughout the United Kingdom as one of the top-selling eating apples/

Growing Attributes:
  • Precocity: Average
  • Vigour: Average
  • Disease Tolerance: Poor, but grows well in temperate regions
  • Zone Hardiness: 5 (Map Link)
  • Pollination Group: IV (Chart) (Diploid, Self-Fertile)
  • Cropping: Biennial tendency, light crops
  • Picking Season: Early October
  • Storage: 1-3 months
  • Special Care: Susceptible to bitter pit. Spur-bearing


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