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Apple "Gala (Brookfield)"

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Eating, Culinary, Baking

Sweet, Medium-acidity, Aromatic 

         The Gala apple was first discovered by Kidd in the 1930s, in New Zealand, after numerous attempts to stumble onto a winning varietal.  The cross between Golden Delicious x Kidd’s Orange, Gala is a sweet, and mildly tart apple that is moderately crispy and very juicy.  These apples grow to a medium to large size, and have a mottled, vertical striped, red/orange skin, and have a fine texture.  This apple has been described as a reliably sweet, easy-eating apple. Relatively vigorous.  Poor disease resistance, though relatively easy to grow in drier climates. 


Zone Hardiness: 5 (Map link)

Picking Season: Early September 

Storage: 3-4 months

Pollination Group: IV (Compatible with III and V) (Chart) (Diploid, Self Fertile)

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