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Apple "Granny Smith"

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Granny Smith

Eating, Culinary, Baking, Cider

Sweet, Acidic, Sharp. 

         The Granny Smith apple was first discovered in the 1860s in Australia, and is now claimed to be the third most popular apple varietal in the U.S.  It is a sweet, tart, and sharp apple, that has a crisp, firm, and juicy texture when eaten.  It is very popular as a cooking apple due to the fact that it keeps its structure when cooked.  It is also raising in popularity more recently due to its use in cider-making.  This apple has a notoriously bright-green skin. Usually crops well but has tendency to grow biannually.  Excellent pollinator.  


Zone Hardiness: 4 (Map link)

Picking Season: Mid October - Late October 

Storage: 3-4 months

Pollination Group: III (Compatible with II and IV) (Chart) (Diploid, Self Fertile)

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