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Apple "Marechal" Potted (3 Gal)

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Rootstock Descriptions and Information

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French (Canadian) Bittersweet Cider Apple

            [Acid-medium/high; Sugar-medium/high; Tannin-high]



Physical Attributes:
  • Shape: Medium round-conical
  • Skin: Yellow with a red blush and carmine stripes
  • Flesh: Creamy and coarse-grained

            It’s highly aromatic, producing an intense juice with a rich colour, though the cultivars present in North America may be a different sport that is more round in shape and acidic than the apple historically described.

Neat History:

          Origin unknown, but named around 1880 by M. Cordier in Bernay, Normandy. Some planting in Quebec, and increasingly popular in British Columbia and Washington, but it has fallen out somewhat out of favour in France.

Growing Attributes:
  • Precocity: N/A
  • Vigour: High
  • Disease Tolerance: Moderate-High
  • Zone Hardiness: 5 (Map Link)
  • Pollination Group:VI (Chart) (Diploid, Self-Sterile)
  • Cropping: Biennial tendency, but reportedly a good yield.
  • Picking Season: Late October
  • Storage: Poor


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