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Apple "Michelin" Potted (3 Gal)

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Rootstock Descriptions and Information

Order fulfilment occurs after harvest between April 1st - April 30th


English Bittersweet Cider Apple

            [Acid-low; Sugar-medium; Tannin-high]


Well-balanced, Aromatic

Physical Attributes:
  • Shape: Smaller pomes, round-oblong
  • Skin: Smooth, yellow
  • Flesh: Cream-coloured, very firm

            Intense fruity aromas evocative of red apples, gooseberries and blackberries. Sometimes more nutty and caramelized with a  touch of acidity.

Neat History:

          Named for Henri Michelin, but first described by Legrand of Yvetot in 1872, Normandy France. As an odd twist of fate, the apple rose to prominence in the English cider scene after the importation by the Woolhope Field Naturalist's Club.

Growing Attributes:
  • Precocity: Early
  • Vigour: Moderate, forming a compact and upright structure
  • Disease Tolerance: Average
  • Zone Hardiness: 4-5 (Map Link)
  • Pollination Group: IV (Chart) (Diploid, Self-Fertile)
  • Cropping: Biennial tendency, regular crops
  • Storage: Poor, 2-3 weeks. Usually needs to sweat before pressing.
  • Special Care: Spur-bearing.


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