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Apple "Newtown Pippin"

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Newtown Pippin

Eating, Cooking, Juice, Cider

Aromatic, Sweet/Tart

       Regarded as one of the finest apples in both the U.S and Victorian England in the 19th century, this varietal actually dates back to the mid-1700s, also making it one of the oldest. This apple was actually introduced to London in the 1750s from New York, which was an interesting reversal in the more normalized flow of traffic of varietals from the U.K to the U.S.. This apple has remained fairly popular due to its versatility, and more recently due to its use for cider-making.  The Newtown Pippin tends to produce a large, green/yellow fruit, with dense, crisp, and juicy flesh.  It has an aromatic flavour, with plenty of balancing acidity, and is said to have a pineapple-note when fully ripe. Requires a hot summer and autumn for ideal growing conditions.  Tendency towards bi-annual production.  High vigour and heavy cropper. Moderate disease resistance, however usually overcome by high vigour.  A winter apple, meaning it is best eaten 1-2 mo after storage.


 Zone Hardiness: 4 (Map link)

Picking Season: Late October - Early November 

Storage: 5-6 months

Pollination Group: III (Compatible with II and IV) (Chart) (Diploid, Partly Self Fertile)

About the Rootstocks: Click on link for details

Planting Instructions: Click on link for details


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