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Apple "Spartan" Potted (3 Gal)

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Rootstock Descriptions and Information

Order fulfilment occurs after harvest between April 1st - April 30th


A Canadian Hardy and Well-Rounded Apple

Eating, Culinary, Baking

Sweet, Vinous 



            The Spartan apple, developed in the Summerland Research Center in the 1920s, is one of the most successful varietals bred off McIntosh parentage.  The Spartan is said to be a ‘vinous’ and sweet apple, in that it has an almost wine-like sweetness.  This is a deep crimson apple, it is crispy and juicy, and tends to grow small to medium-sized fruit.  This is a mid to late-season varietal, with a large harvest window (around 3 weeks) in early October.   Reliably heavy crop and less difficult to grow. Good disease resistance.  Long and heavy blossom makes it an especially good pollinator, plus the blossoms are especially resistant to spring colds. Zone hardiness: 3.  Stores well.         


Partially self-pollinating


Short Description:

            Summerland, 1920s.  This is a deep crimson apple that has a wine-like sweetness.  Crisp and juicy.  Small to med-sized. Late-season, harvested early-October.  Reliably heavy crop.  Good disease resistance.  Good pollinator.  Especially resistant to spring cold.  Zone hardiness: 3.  Stores well. 



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