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Apple "Wealthy" Potted (3 Gal)

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Rootstock Descriptions and Information

Order fulfilment occurs after harvest between April 1st - April 30th


Perfect for an English Cottage Garden

            [Acid-medium; Sugar-high; Tannin-low]

Eating, Cider, Culinary

Sweet, Lemony, Juicy

Physical Attributes:
  • Shape: Medium-large, round
  • Skin: Green with significant red blushes. Tough, somewhat greasy.
  • Flesh: White, coarse, juicy

            Sweet and tart with red-fruit flavours and some pleasing pear and lemon notes. Soft and very juicy, but not adversely so.

Neat History:

            Peter Gideon of Excelsior, MN introduced the apple in 1861, naming it for his wife. Immense popularity as an English backyard tree after briefly reaching acclaim as one of the top grown apples in America.

Growing Attributes:
  • Precocity: Early
  • Vigour: Below average, upright spreading
  • Disease Tolerance: Poor
  • Zone Hardiness: 3 (Map link)
  • Pollination Group: III (Chart) (Diploid, Self-Fertile)
  • Cropping: Biennial tendency, heavy crops
  • Picking Season: September
  • Storage: 1-2 mo
  • Special Care: Grows well in cooler climates. Partial spur-bearing, brittle branches


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