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Apple "Wickson Crab" Potted (3 Gal)

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Rootstock Descriptions and Information

Order fulfilment occurs after harvest between April 1st - April 30th

Wickson Crab

 American Cider Apple

            [Acid-high; Sugar-very high]

Sweet, Sharp, Pungent flavour

            This is a fantastic apple due to its versatility and well-adapted plant.  The Wickson Crab produces a small, pink/red fruit that is sweet for a crab, as well as highly acidic.  This apple also has a pungently strong flavour.  This varietal excels as a component for making cider, as a complimentary and flavourful source of acid.  However most cider-makers prefer a small amount of this apple so as to not over-power the main bittersweet or aromatic character of the cider blend.  Wickson crab is also high in pectin, so great for making jams and jellies.  Finally, this is a crab, with gorgeous white blossoms, and serves as a great pollinator as well. Heavy crop. Good disease resistance.


Zone Hardiness: 4 (Map link)

Picking Season: Early October

Storage: 2 months

Pollination Group: II (Compatible with I and III) (Chart) (Diploid, Self Sterile)

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