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Apple "Winesap"

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Sweet, Tart, Mildly aromatic

            The Winesap was a major commercial variety out of Virginia in the 1800s, with its origins likely dating back to the 18th Century.  This apple saw its commercial decline with the introduction of the Red Delicious onto the market.  This is an apple that is generally appreciated as a robust eating apple, as well as a varietal that is used for cooking and cider-making.  The Winesap is a small to medium sized, round-conical fruit that has a wine-like sweetness, however it is also known to have a pungent and aromatic spiced character, and a balancing acidity.  This apple is full of character.  It is also a dark and fully red apple that has a crisp, dense, and juicy flesh.  It is also known for having a beautiful display of uniquely dark-red blossoms.  Regular, heavy cropper.  Slight biannual tendency.  Easy to grow, and particularly resilient to poor soils.  Good disease resistance.  


Zone Hardiness: 5 (Map link)

Picking Season: Late October

Storage: 4-5 months

Pollination Group: III (Compatible with II and IV) (Chart) (Triploid)

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